Collectanea Philologica

Aims & Scope

The Collectanea Philologica series was first published in 1995 by Professor Ignacy R. Danka. It was granted the status of a scientific journalist with the appointment of Prof. Jadwiga Czerwińska as the scientific editor of the Collectanea by the decision of the Council of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Lodz on 26 April 2002. Since then, the journal began to be published regularly as a scientific yearbook. It has an international composition of the Editorial Board, which includes, apart from the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Jadwiga Czerwińska, representing the University of Lodz, scientists who are representatives of Polish and European universities.

The Collectanea Philologica publishes scientific articles and editorial reviews, which aim to promote knowledge about the widely understood culture of ancient Greece and Rome. The scientific material is divided into three basic fields: Hellenic Studies, Latin Studies and Reception. The subject matter of the articles is contained within the broad borders of literature, language, history and philosophy of the ancient world and the reception of antiquity in modern culture. A separate part is a section devoted to reviews.

The works presented in Collectanea Philologica are written by both recognized Polish and foreign authorities in the field of antiquity, as well as young representatives of science, including PhD students. Because of this, many of the articles are written in Congress languages, while others always have foreign language summaries.

The journal is also available to scholars and a wide range of foreign audiences. The journal is addressed both to people dealing with antiquities because of their scientific research and to a wide range of people interested in ancient literature and culture and their reception.