International Studies: Interdisciplinary Cultural and Political Journal

International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal (IS) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal publishing both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on political and cultural studies in the international context. Published biannually, the journal focuses on current global issues and is intended to inspire dialogue over current trends, innovative ideas and methodologies that bring together such diverse areas of scholarship as international relations, public affairs, communication, anthropology, social and political geography, cultural studies and mass media studies.

Current Issue: Volume 24, Issue 2 (2019) Stakeholder Engagement, Partnership and Collaboration in Public Policies



Justyna Anders-Morawska and Marta Hereźniak


Beneficiaries of A Place: Whose Life Is Better?
Kirill L. Rozhkov and Konstantin Khomutskii


Justyna Anders-Morawska
Marta Hereźniak