Focus and Scope of the Journal

It has been a long time since the idea of creating the Folia Linguistica Rossica serial journal sprang to life at the Department of Linguistics of the Institute of Russian Studies. The project of launching it was repeatedly discussed during the Department’s meetings. The journal was created owing to the support of the the Council of the Faculty of Philology and approval of the Publishing Council of the University of Lodz..

There is a real demand for an extensive presentation of the Department’s research workshop, which develops gradually, gaining ground with regard to its staff, organization and didactics as well as in the field of science and research.

The journal will specialize in Russian linguistics. Both historical and contemporary approaches as well as comparative ones will be presented in the studies. Publications will include research bordering on Polish and East Slavic languages as well as materials from the field of methodology and university didactics.

There are plans to print papers, reviews and reports. There may also be a possibility of publishing dissertations or separate monographs as well as post-conference materials as part of this series. Texts will be published in Russian and Polish.

The journal will foster integration and activation in undertaking research in the scope of Russian and, more broadly, East Slavic studies. The periodical will also host authors from foreign Slavic centres which the Department of Linguistics has been cooperating with for any years.