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„Regentka”: w poszukiwaniu dróg ucieczki ze świata-więzienia

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https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2256-7190 Mańkowska Joanna


The Regent’s Wife is a 19th century novel by Clarin, i.e. Leopoldo Alas, considered the second most important Spanish novel after Don Quixote. It is also representative of the Spanish variety of Naturalism. Within the Spanish culture, its main character, Ana Ozores, is the most popular and commonly recognizable character similar to Emma Bovary. The paper presents the similarities and differences between the two characters. Ana is shown as a victim of the society she is part of. She tries to free herself from the boredom of a life without purpose, to make sense of it by means of religion or love. Nevertheless, her endeavours turn out to be futile for a she is but a 19th century lady from some Spanish province. The article focuses on two potential escape routes from the world in which Ana feels oppressed and presents the reasons of her failure. The protagonist of The Regent’s Wife can also be interpreted (in accordance with previous scholarship) as a symbol of trans-historic Spain.

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19th century Spanish novel, Spanish naturalism, Clarín, The Regent’s Wife, bovarysme, Ana Ozores


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