Text Matters: A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture, based at the University of Lodz, is an international and interdisciplinary journal, which seeks to engage in contemporary debates in the humanities by inviting contributions from literary and cultural studies intersecting with literary theory, gender studies, history, philosophy and religion. Text Matters was founded and developed by Professor Dorota Filipczak (1963-2021).

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Institute of English Studies, University of Lodz, ul. Pomorska 171/173, 90–236 Lodz, Poland, email: text.matters@uni.lodz.pl

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Current Issue: Number 11 (2021) Literature and Security / Bodies, Traumas, Transgressions / Pop Cultural Encounters



The Gospel of Divine Mercy in King Lear
Małgorzata Grzegorzewska


Past Editor-in-Chief: Dorota Filipczak (1963–2021), University of Lodz
Current Chief Editors: Agata Handley, University of Lodz; Małgorzata Myk, University of Lodz
Guest Editor: Liam Francis Gearon, University of Oxford