Number 9 (2019) Roguery & (Sub)Versions

From the introduction: "This number of Text Matters features papers which explore the changing nature of roguery in literature and film. While the figure of the rogue has earned much literary attention in the past, its present moment is ambiguous, uneasy, even as we live in an age of flagrantly outrageous rogues, so overt that perhaps roguery as a study or a subject is outre because the world is a collection of rogues, and the behavior of rogues is now dramatically public rather than a matter of covert and shameful conduct. Despite this development, rogues still compel attention, curiosity and stories. Note the glut of documentaries, films and books on thieves and criminals, our fascination with those who refuse to follow the rules. And that continuing interest serves as a useful critical measurement and kinesics."



New Versions of Roguery
Aritha van Herk and Vanja Polić


Don DeLillo’s White Noise: A Virilian Perspective
Hossein Pirnajmuddin and Bahareh Bagherzadeh Samani


Editor-in-Chief: Dorota Filipczak (University of Lodz)

Guest editors:
Aritha van Herk (University of Calgary)
Vanja Polić (University of Zagreb)