Zeszyty Wiejskie/Rural Periodicals.

Zeszyty Wiejskie/Rural Periodicals – academic bulletin prepared by the Interdisciplinary Team of Rural Studies acting at the University of Łódź.

The bulletin is devoted to a wide range of rural issues, the analysis of various social, cultural, economic and political phenomena that concern the Polish country and are observed against the background of transformations occurring in Europe and in the world. The authors who publish papers in Zeszyty Wiejskie/Rural Periodicals represent diverse areas of science such as history, sociology, ethnology, pedagogy, economics, archeology, cultural and political studies.

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Damian Kasprzyk (Editor-in-chief) ,/dd>
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Sebastian Latocha (journal secretary, thematic editor – ethnology)
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Małgorzata Łapa (journal secretary, thematic editor - history)
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Current Volume: Volume 27 (2021)


V.A. Sukhomlynsky: from village school to global humanistic pedagogics
Vladimir Košel’, Mariâ Nakonečnaâ, and Nikolaj Papuča